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Why Single Asian Women
Seek Husbands From Abroad

Many people believe the main reason for Asian women to seek American husbands is the chance to improve their economic standing, since many come from areas where jobs and opportunities are hard to find. The Asian women I have interviewed will tell us they consider American men to be very attractive and believe us to be respectful and appreciative of our wives and families.

Filipina women are widely considered some of the most attractive women in all of Asia. They are sweet, feminine, family-oriented and generally of high morals and traditional Christian values. They have a reputation for being fiercely loyal to their man and seek a life-partner who will understand and value their unique qualities. Expect your Filipina girl to be dedicated to her core religious values.

In Filipino culture, women are expected to remain virgins until marriage while young men are “allowed” to express their sexuality freely. Many Filipino men will keep a mistress.

Asian women believe they are obligated to provide for their parents who sacrificed much to raise them. American husbands should expect Filipina women to be focused on the needs of their families back home as well as here. A Filipina woman may ask you to help support her family financially. Again this is a common expectation and needn't hinder your marriage or pursuit of a Filipina bride. Simply be as helpful and responsible as you can. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO ANY GIRL YOU HAVEN'T MET, AREN'T ENGAGED TO AND IN LOVE WITH, but once you have committed to each other you may be asked for some modest level of support for her and her family.

Filipina women are not allowed to divorce if their husband turns out to be abusive. Divorce is illegal in the Philippines. Women may separate or ask for an annulment.

Filipina women believe men should lead the family, providing the primary income while they in turn assume responsibility for the home. This is not to say that Filipina women appreciate sexist. oppressive attitudes in their men, rather they expect American husbands to be kind and considerate at all times.

I have met or interviewed hundreds of foreign women since I began in the International Marriage experience years ago. 99% of these ladies, when asked, told me the number one quality they valued in their future life partner was KINDNESS!

In the end, Filipina women may love their families, friends and even country - but finding a happy, healthy, productive and family-oriented guy will often require them to look abroad for someone like YOU!


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