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Why Single Latin Women
Seek Husbands From Abroad

According to the Colombian Institute of Legal Medicine, the country experienced an increase in domestic violence cases from 1996 - 2001, estimating the average at six cases every hour. Evidence suggests that unemployed men release their frustration through spousal abuse. Family related violence has increased in Colombia by 25% since 1991.

In Colombia, women and girls receive cultural messages emphasizing their dependence on men and stressing their sexuality as key to their identity. Under President Uribe, new legislation prohibits all but the victim of abuse from making an official complaint and initiating the legal process against the perpetrator. This legislation limits the likelihood of legal prosecution and represents a setback for the protection of women.

According to the International Organization for Migration, it is estimated that in Colombia alone, 10 women are trafficked out of the country every day, and about 500,000 Colombian women and children are believed to have been trafficked into sexual exploitation or forced labour outside the country.

Latin women are typically raised in traditional families with Christian values, thus Colombia has one of the lowest divorce rates in the world!

Costa Rican women are often highly educated and hold decent jobs paying respectable wages. They are not desperate to leave their countries. Most simply reject the whole macho culture and chauvinistic attitudes of Costa Rican men.

Peru is a country where half the population lives below the so called poverty line. 50% of women work but typically earn 25% less than men. "Machismo" culture is so pervasive, women are often abused physically, emotionally and sexually by their spouses.

Currently there are no laws against sexual harassment in the workplace in Peru!

A CNN broadcast in 1998 said "Some 25 percent of Lima's traffic police are already women, and these first recruits have earned a reputation among drivers as not bribeable." The women are more honest and morally firm than the men. It's undeniable," said Cmdr. Pedro Montoya, who is training an all-woman motorcycle brigade.

"Latin women are simply tired of unfaithful men," one Colombian girl told me, when asked why she sought a foreign husband. "See that guy over there? That guy wants to sleep with that girl, and that girl, and that girl, and that girl. I'm a good girl and don't want to put up with that all my life."

I have met or interviewed hundreds of foreign women since I began in the International Marriage experience years ago. 99% of these ladies, when asked, told me the number one quality they valued in their future life-partner - was KINDNESS!

In the end, Latin women may love their families, friends and even country - but finding a happy, healthy, productive and family-oriented guy will often require them to look abroad for someone like YOU!


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